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project Background

E3AZ.org is a non-profit organization that caters to foster children, their families, and caretakers. I knew the owner of E3AZ.org andapproached her about redesigning their website. This was done as a case study while pursuing my DesignLab UX Academy certificate with the option of E3turning it into their new live website. In the end, they declined to do so for financial reasons.

I approached the redesign as I would any UX project using UX principles.The original site was a free one through GoDaddy. It lacked branding and originality. However, the primary issue was traffic. The site wasn't getting enough visitors and E3AZ being a new non-profit was looking for a way to get the word out.

There is much more to the process and I will be updating this very soon.In the meantime, have a look at their current site and compare it to the redesigned website.

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