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project Background

BASE is USAA's internal online billing system and management was looking for a new approach and a complete overhaul of the old training, which was more akin to a PowerPoint presentation. The caveat was I had to work with the content that was already there. They asked that the training be more engaging, interactive, and fun and they also wanted seat time reduced. This course was comprised of 16 modules split among three developers (one of which joined at a later date).

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Programs used: Articulate Storyline 360, Vyond, WellSaid, Adobe CC
SMEs: Internal USAA employees
Audience: Frontline Insurance Professionals

Project Goals

Project Constraints

Learning Objectives

Upon completing the course learners will be able to:


My colleague and I were asked to come up with a proof of concept for one module each. I chose to use storytelling as my method and The Matrix movie as my theme. Storytelling is a great way to break up the monotony of training. Because people like stories, it keeps learners engaged and coming back for more. Management liked my idea and they decided they wanted to carry it through to all the modules. I used Vyond to help tell the story and created all the characters. I came up with a template for the team to use and a style guide.

I worked from existing materials such as facilitator guides and e-learning modules to create new self-paced, virtual learning with a whole new approach. My strategy was to take the content and try to turn it into as many fun learner interactions (activities, games, animations) as I could. Working in this manner would fulfil management's desire to have the learning be more fun, inviting, and interactive.

This is the method I used for each module created. I began by writing a script/storyboard. Once that was approved, I recorded all the voiceover using WellSaid and imported those into Vyond where I would use advanced triggers in Storyline to build complex interactions. Then it was off to a peer review and approval.

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