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project Background

Discount Tire had just gone through a complete, companywide SAP systems upgrade. The goal of this upgrade was to unify the company's disparate business units (stores, corporate, online (DTD), warehouses) into "ONE Discount Tire." As a result they were forced to overhaul a well established ordering and inventory process for over 1,000 retail stores nationwide.

With the SAP upgrade came a new type of hand-held scanner along with new desktop software and terminology store employees needed to understand. It was a massive effort taking a process that had been in place for years and replacing it with a completely new one overnight.

The old process involved keying in inventory by hand into a desktop computer. It was slow and cumbersome. After the upgrade, there was the introduction bar codes, which could be conveniently scanned by those new hand held scanners. This was supposed to reduce the time it took to do inventory/ordering and make inventory consistent across all distribution channels. The benefits of this new system: Reduce outside purchases, more accurate inventory data, reduced paperwork, better reporting, faster inventory.

Programs used: Adobe Captivate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition
SMEs: Former store employees

project Goal

To promote process change and demonstrate how to use the new hand held scanners. The audience for this training was for all 20,000 store employees.

Project Constraints

Learning Objectives

Upon completing the learning module learners will be able to:


My role in this training was mostly LXD and Development, however, I did collaborate with the Instructional Designer during the instructional design phase.

I had complete creative license with this e-learning and wanted to do something fun because it was such a dry subject. I went with a comic book theme. We got lots of positive feedback from our test audience. I had direct access to a group of former store employees who now worked at the corporate office who were our SMEs.

I worked with two former store employees who volunteered to be my “characters.” After doing a storyboard and script, photos were taken on green screen of them in various poses. I also went out to a live store to take shots of the backgrounds that were used. I created all of the artwork using Photoshop, developed the e-learning module using Captivate, and edited voiceover audio using Audition.

The e-learning follows Jake and Dan on their journey to discover and understand the new inventory processes in their store. There were moments during the training where the learner could interact with a demo in order to practice.

To make the learning more relevant, I suggested using a "what's in it for me?" strategy capitalizing on Discount Tire's excellent customer service reputation. The introduction is framed by Discount Tire's vision: To Deliver an Unexpected Experience and To Grow Responsibly. Here, we are building the foundation and reminding store employees why they are there - To build customers for life and meet their needs.

Please note
: The e-learning presented here is in MP4 format. The original training was a bit more interactive.

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