Hi! I'm Wendy Schorr

UX Researcher, Designer, Convergent Thinker

who am i?

My career spans close to 25 years. I’ve worked in magazines, printing, and the Web, however, UX Design is where I have found my true passion. I love it because it's challenging. I'm not coming up with a cure for cancer, or solving world hunger. I can't help people in that way. But what I CAN do is make the digital products we interact with BETTER. That is MY calling.

I recently took up Crossfit, and when we work out, we always strive to be better than the last time we worked out. This philosophy applies to my work life, too. I always strive to be a better designer by constantly challenging myself. Each time I work on a project, I learn something from it and I take it with me to the next. If I make a mistake, I own it and I learn from it.

I always keep my skills fresh. I constantly read blogs, take classes, network, and look for the latest trends. I just finished a year long bootcamp in User Experience Design. It was GRUELING! But I did it and I am PROUD of the things I have accomplished.

Now let me show YOU what I can do!