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who am i?

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"I am a story teller, plain and simple."
I am a story teller, plain and simple. I may not be coming up with a cure for cancer, or solving world hunger but I help people do their jobs better, make the buying process easier, or make their banking experience smoother. What does that mean for you? It means your customers find what they are looking for. It means your employees become more efficient at their jobs. It means removing barriers so people can accomplish what they need to. And that will either save you money or make you money.

A few years ago I took up Crossfit (yes, I'm insane). When we Crossfitters work out, our goal is to always get better with each workout. This philosophy also applies to my work life. I always strive to be a better designer by constantly challenging myself. With each project I learn something new and valuable.

I always keep my skills fresh by reading industry blogs, taking classes, networking, and looking to the latest trends for inspiration and guidance. In 2019 I graduated from a year long bootcamp in User Experience Design. It was GRUELING! It made me cry. But I am so proud that I did it and I am PROUD of the projects I have created that live in this portfolio.

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