POS Software Training Materials

My Role
Graphic Designer

project Background

In addition to the e-learning template for the AXIS project, I was asked to design branded templates for all accompanying printed training materials. Not only was this effort for the AXIS project but the thought was that these templates could be used in all future training initiatives. I designed the following documents:

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
SMEs: Chiropractors

project Goal

To create a unified and branded group of training material templates that could easily be updated and used for future training initiatives.

Project Constraints


I did some preliminary sketching just to get some ideas down quickly. Once I got approval on the design, I was able to focus on developing it into high fidelity. The strategy was for all training materials to look similar, however, to quickly identify them them from one another I used different colors (Example - Facilitator Guides were purple, Participant Guides were blue, Manuals were yellow, etc.). While they all had the branding, using a different color for each set them apart visually. Any colors, images, fonts that were used came from the style guide.

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